Sunday, 30 January 2011

THE CAR #1: Bond's Seat

So here we go with the first part of the actual construction of the car and it's Bond's driver's seat which is the first thing I can put together:

The parts ready for assembly
I have to say this was pretty nerve-wrecking, knowing that I was going to put together the first parts of what will be a very expensive model!  The parts above are (from top-left) the back seat cushion, the bottom seat cushion, the rear panel, the base, two tiny screws, the left seat bracket and the right seat bracket.

The first job was to click together the base and the bottom seat cushion and when I did so I got an indication of just how sturdy the model will be and how good the build quality will be!  The two brackets were then hooked inside two holes either side, and at first I thought I hadn't got them fastened right.  I soon realised I was being a bit thick and there's meant to be a bit of give so that the back of the seat can move a little bit forwards and back.

Halfway there

The brackets were then screwed on to the inside of the back seat cushion using the two very tiny screws.  Finally, the back panel was clicked into place with a very satisfying sound... that ain't coming back off again!

Excuse the blur, still getting the hang of the camera Andy give me for this (will perfect it by next week!)

And that was that!  As you can see below the finished seat gives a good indication of the size of the model, as it takes up the entire palm of my hand.

Ready for Bond's ass

It's going to be a long and slow process but I think I prefer it that way (who would want to rush this?!) and it's certainly going to keep me entertained all along and I can't wait for my next delivery!  Which, incidentally, should arrive next week.

Hope you'll come back!


dbn23 said...

Did you have any trouble getting the metal arms in? I kept thinking I was going to crack the seat. I am very pleased with the seat. I can't wait for the next parts especially the engine.

NintendWho said...

I have to say I did think I was doing it wrong, as the magazine states to simply hook them into place, but it required a bit of force. I was worried I'd crack it too, but now that I'm finished the chair I can see how good the material is that it's made from.

Mark said...

I'll look forward to reading your blog on this. You may be interested in my forum at which covers the DB5 as well as many other partworks.

Mark said...

Damn ! That should be

NintendWho said...

Hey there Mark, thanks for the invite! Had a very quick look there, up early for work so can't join tonight, but I'll come on over and have a closer look tomorrow evening, looks very interesting! "Phil's DB5" has a nice ring to it for the forum ;D

See you over there soon!