Wednesday, 19 January 2011


You're bound to have seen the adverts on the TV for the new partwork, "James Bond's DB5 007", the weekly magazine that comes with parts of a model Aston Martin DB5 in every issue.

As a teen I loved partworks and collected both "Discovery" and "Quest" (remember them?) and every year in January I look out for a good partwork I could start collecting now as an adult.  There was a children's James Bond one about 10 years ago and one a few years back collecting the model cars but when I saw the advert for this... well, I made it rather obvious to my girlfriend how perfect this would be.  She promptly rolled her eyes and gestured towards the "normally £6.99" price tag.

In fact, that's usually the response when I say I've subscribed to this collection, but as anyone who has actually bought Part One will tell you, it's worth every single penny.

The complete car is 1:8 scale, a huge 57.12cm in length, 19.75cm in width and a whopping 8.5kg in weight!  Made of top quality die-cast metal and ABS, it's made up of 255 parts, requires 302 screws and the collection runs for 85 issues.  Thankfully no glue is required (trust me, that's a huge plus point for me!) and it clips and screws together to form a superb replica of the "Goldfinger" car, including all the gadgets and more.  The detail on this thing is just mind-blowing.

Yes, over the course of the 85 issues the combined price is £589.15, but as you'll see when the model is complete, if this had been made up by the manufacturer and sold complete it would cost either the same or more!  So taking into account that Im going to really enjoy building it myself, I'm getting a few brilliant free subscriber gifts, there's little extras with the magazine, AND there's an interesting and well-written magazine every week... well, I believe it's unbelievably good value for money.

I'm not going to go into too many details on all the wonderful features of the car that I'm getting excited about, you'll discover these as I build the DB5 over the course of the next 85 weeks.

Well that's the intro out of the way, I've already got Part One and Parts Two and Three are in the post now so I'll update the blog with a bit on the premiere issue over the course of the next day or two.  Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I'm going to enjoy this collection!

Speak soon.


dbn23 said...


I look forward to reading your blog. I'm not sure I could do one as I would know what to write, I think mine would have to consist only of pictures and would be quite boring. I am hoping I will receive my parts soon so I can start building it.

Good luck for your journey


NintendWho said...

Hi Daniel

I hope you find it interesting, especially as I'll be talking about what you are building too... so I hope I don't bore you!

If you want to share your own experience of building it you could always use this blog service (it's run by Google's Blogger) to put up photos, you don't have to write anything. Or even post photos somewhere else online where we can all see it. :)

Have you joined the Facebook group?


Bad Crumble said...

Hey man, no such adverts here of course so I checked out the website for a sneak peak.

This looks class, if you have the patience to collect and build it - which I know you have! The horn works!

I bet the guy who put the phone in the original car feels finally a little vindicated!

NintendWho said...

As well as those rams on the bumpers... I remember seeing old toy cars with them all my life, and seeing photos and everything but it was only recently I realised they were never in the film! Nor were the tacks that fell out the back to burst tyres... but they made it into Tomorrow Never Dies in that brilliant car park scene! :D

It does indeed look class... can't wait to see how it starts to come together!