Friday, 21 January 2011


No, I haven't sold my edition of Part One already! The first, cheaper, part of all these collections always includes a raft of paraphernalia - leaflets, extra pages etc - extolling the virtues of the collection, basically trying to sell the premise to you. Well, once I had read through everything that came with Part One of the "James Bond's 007 DB5" partwork, I was the one that was "sold"! :D

The attention-grabbing premiere issue

The assorted bits'n'bobs that came with Part One

As you can see there was plenty to keep me occupied and as I made my way through them, it became blindingly obvious that the model itself was going to be worth the money alone, never mind the magazine and all the other things I'd get by subscribing! As well as detailed photographs of exactly what the car contains (Aston Martin and Bond-wise), there were life-size photographs (this model really is huge!), a look at the first few issues and what parts will be included, as well as the first of four blueprint-style posters:

Click on the picture for a much larger look at the poster

The poster is fantastic isn't it? Blueprints of all the parts of the car, separated into the different areas of the model, and labelled with what issue they'll come in. (I found it rather hilarious that the front bumper and rotating number plate will come with Part Two, but the retainer for them comes in issue Seventy-Three lol! Doesn't matter as I'll be getting them all anyway, and it'll be worth the wait :) ) There's four more posters to come so I'm sure Vicki will just love these being up around my bedroom... well, she's got used to the Dalek one.

But the most important part is, of course, the parts!

Part One contains the rear bullet proof screen, the front grill and two of the tiniest little Aston Martin badges you ever did see:


Of course, there's not much else I can say about these right now, as I can't start building anything yet. Until each piece is needed it'll be staying inside the protective plastic it comes in. Part Two promises Bond's driver seat to build as well as the bumper and licence plate, so looking forward to actually starting to put things together very shortly.

As I've said, I've subscribed to the collection and will receive four issues at a time every four weeks (as well as a great selection of free gifts which I'll let you see as they arrive). As the blog goes on I'll post up when each new parcel arrives, I'll put up more details about what each issue includes and also post up new model parts as well as any construction that takes place. Hopefully you'll see some form of pattern to the blog emerge as time goes on, and I hope you enjoy watching the model come together!

Before I sign off, literally as I was typing up this post my first parcel has arrived from GE Fabbri, so I'm off to gander at what goodies have arrived and I'll let you know in a couple of days again.

Speak soon.

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