Monday, 24 January 2011


A-ha, the first parts needing pieced together have now arrived.  But just look at the goodies that all arrived in one go:

Parts Two & Three came with two more blueprint posters (larger photos below) and a slipcase which was a surprise, didn't know that was coming.  So that'll help keep the magazines from getting damaged before the first binders.  There's also some brilliant features, in particular those around the people behind the Bond movies, and I was very happy to see Part Three starting to cover one of my very favourite Bond movies, From Russia With Love.  And along with all this came my first free gift, a brilliant "coffee table" book all about Aston Martin's long history.  Really brilliant quality, great photography and plenty to read... and all for free!

Of course, this post, as with all others that'll be titled with the Part Numbers, is just showing you what came parcelled up in the post every four weeks (well, the next will be in two weeks, every four after that), and the main bulk of this blog will be all about building the actual car.  In that regard, here's the delivered pieces this time, including those that'll require the very first assembly (excited now!):

Front bumper with rams, front licence plate (3-sided) and the pieces of Bond's driver's seat

The bonnet.  This is hhuuggee, and weighs a ton!

Even more so than those parts that came with Part One, the bonnet really shows off the build quality of the pieces of the model.  Now let's just hope I don't screw it up while building it!

Right, so out of all this the driver's seat can be assembled together and this'll be completed over the next two weeks before Parts Four to Seven arrive.  Stay tuned to see the very start of the DB5 taking shape... very soon!

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