Friday, 4 March 2011

THE CAR #2: Engine and Bond's Seat

Exciting times.  More building.  Although it's rather more random than last time, when I built up Bond's driver's seat.  As you hopefully read in the last update I've received not only the first parts of the engine, but also a few extra features for the seat which I built last month.

To start off, a very simple little procedure.

Cyliner head and oil cap

Lovely detail in these pieces!  Yes, the first piece of "building" this month is simply to attach the oil cap to the cylinder head.  Not exactly taxing, but hey at least it gets them out of their packaging to sit alongside the seat (and the fan belt system below).  I've got any assembled pieces sitting on a DVD shelf of mine, the beginnings of my DB5!

On she pops

Ok, with all that hard work done (haha) it's on to the fan belt system.

Fan belt system

This consists of a metal fan, rubber fan belt and plastic timing housing.  They simply clip together but it's very important to make sure the belt sits in the middle, free of obstructions.  The fan belt itself is ridged as you can see, and so is the back of the fan.  There'll be other parts, yet to come, which the belt will stretch around but for now it'll have to hang free and loose.

The completed (for now) system

Now onto the seat again.  A little, ever-so-tiny seat adjustor arrived this month, so first of all this just needs pushed into place.

It's all in the details

I have to say it's a very snug fit, but that's a good thing!  It just shows the quality of the build of this model in my opinion.  There's no way that thing is ever coming out again and yet no glue is needed.  Perfectly judged on the part of the makers.

Remember that weapons drawer I received?

Completed weapons drawer

Just as with the seat adjustor, all these pieces slot into place in a very satisfatory and sturdy way.  They are clipped into place by way of pins in the back of them and very small holes in the drawer spaces.  Had some trouble with the silencer it has to be said, but several good pushes and a sore finger later and it finally clicked into place.  Just to reiterate from the previous update, up there we've got the drawer itself with a gun, throwing knife, grenade and a folding rifle (made up of a silencer, gun barrel and gun stock).

That only leaves to slide this into palce then...

In position


And that's your lot for this month.  The other pieces I received aren't ready to put together yet but they're safely stored away and ready for when new pieces arrive.  I know the next issue includes more engine parts so hopefully there'll be lots to do when the new issues arrive (as of the time of writing they've just been dispatched).

So please come back soon to see what they have in store for me!


Bad Crumble said...

Would have thought the Ta-daa warranted an exclamation point but I`ll get over it lol.

Seems even better than I imagined; which would definately tax my patience (NEXT BIT! NEXT BIT! NEXT BIT!).

NintendWho said...

There's a lot of people on their Facebook page who are waiting until the collection is complete and then building it in one go.

There's more of a chance of Brian Blessed whispering in someone's ear than there is of me having the patience for that!

Next bit has apparently been dispatched so I expect it next week sometime.

Glad you're enjoying it/pretending to enjoy it to keep me happy (delete as applicable) Colin.

Colin Marriott said...

I am following your Blog I'm a big Bond fan I do 007 speed paintings, and quizs on youtube, try this one

Colin Marriott said...

speed painting Daniel Craig, my Blog is

NintendWho said...

LOVING the painting Colin! Absolutely superb! How long did that take you in the end?

Colin Marriott said...

the painting of Daniel Craig took about 4 hours and I now sell full size A2 prints for £10 each