Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Sorry for the delay, by the time I finished a long day at work and visited a friend last night, I was in no state to do anything when I got home.  But hey, here it is, the next four parts of the collection.  They arrived about two weeks ago when I was at work and just over a week ago I finally got my hands on them from the Post Office.  All is good.

Magazine parts four through seven

The magazine collection itself is building into a great selection of Bond articles too it has to said.  So far each 20-page magazine has between 11 and 13 pages of Bond stuff (the rest is made up of the covers, contents, next issue and model construction instructions).  Each feature may only be between 2 and 4 pages but even with the extensive Bond books I've read before now, these are still full of brand new info, it's all written in a very friendly and informal yet professional way (if that makes sense), and the photography is second-to-none!

Covering the making of the movies, the original novels, the merchandise and - naturally - the special relationship between Bond and Aston Martin, they're a great read.  Best of all, given it's going to last for 85 weeks, that's the equivalent of a 900+ page book at the end!

The second free gift

This would be my second free gift for subscribing.  It's a screw box for storing all the different sizes of screws needed for building the car.  An extremely good idea for me seeing as how I'd probably lose them otherwise, trust me.  This, along with the online screw identification sheet will come in very handy.

The final of the four blueprint posters

Vicki, my girlfriend, may shake her head at these going up on my wall but I think they're class.  They'd look even better in nice big glass frames but for now they'll do up on their own.  Maybe once the car's done it can sit on a nice big shelf with the posters in frames either side.... well, what you think?  I'm still not studying them in any great depth as I like the surprise of what I'm getting delivered each month, but I'm not denying they look great!

And so, finally, the main attraction:

The first tyre and the centre console.

The cylinder head, oil cap and fan system

Driver's wing mirror, roof panel and weapons drawer

Left engine block, driver's seat adjuster and two sets of screws

Okay, so the last picture doesn't look like much but that's how it arrived, and until I'm building those parts that's how they'll stay, nice and secure.

So, lots of really interesting things.  The roof panel is the bit that pops off in Goldfinger for the ejector seat to work and the weapons drawer was created for the film and was in the car but never filmed.  It includes a folding rifle (made up of a silencer, gun barrel and gun stock), a throwing knife, a gun and a grenade.  At the very top there, alongside the tyre, is the centre console which flips open to reveal the buttons for all of Bond's gadgets.  But, again, it's staying in its packaging until needed.

Speaking of the tyre, I was amazed at the size of it, probably even more so than with the bonnet and the finished driver's seat!  To try to show you exactly what I mean I've put it beside something that almost everybody knows well, so you can get an idea of the size:

Representing my two favourite hobbies too

When I think about it, this car is going to be bloody huge!

Some building to do this month, so I hope you check back soon to see what's happening.

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