Tuesday, 12 April 2011

THE CAR #3: More Engine

As I mentioned last night there's some catching up to do so there'll be 4 new posts in total this week.  If you've missed last night's it's directly below this one if you want to catch up on the parts which came with issues 8 through 11.

Okay, now to the building after a long wait since the last update on the car itself!

I've just noticed I've shown you all the parts in a different way than normal in the last post - I've shown you them in the way I usually do in these building posts, d'oh(!), so as I recap on the parts as I go along here I'll just reuse them (and I'll do the posts on the magazine deliveries in the normal way from now on).

Engine transmission section (in three bits), the starter motor and the clutch slave cylinder
First thing is to put together the engine transmission section.

The engine bracing piece is screwed into place on the gearbox/sump section 1 with two dinky screws.  Thank goodness I've a screw box now to keep these things safe, otherwise I simply wouldn't trust myself not to lose them!

Is it sad to get excited about screwing? ("Oh grow up 007!")

Next the upper section, the gearbox/sump section 2, is fitted into place and once again screwed in to keep it secure.  The clutch slave cylinder is clipped into place on the underside, and we'll now put this to the side until the rest of the engine parts are assembled.  Once they are, the size of this is truly amazing!

Complete engine transmission section

Okay, starting on the main bulk of the engine now, we quickly attach the starter motor to the side of the left engine block which I received last month, and now the real fun begins!

Half an engine

Okay, so next selection of parts are as follows:

Exhaust manifold, ignition lead holder & leads, distributor cap & leads and the carburettor assembly

The ignition lead holder and leads, as well as the distributor cap and leads all fit on to the top of the cylinder head from last month, with each lead needing to be fed seperately into each hole and, in the case of the distributor cap, into the end of the lead holder.

Look fiddly?  You have no idea...!

Next up is the carburettor assembly which sits just under the right hand side of the cylinder head.  This part may be made of plastic but it's finished in such a way that it looks lovely and metallic.  And the metal cylinder head adds weight which gives the whole assembly a nice balance.  Add in a quick radiator hose and we're ready for the next stage.

Carburettor and radiator hose in place

Ok, so yes, the next picture includes the radiator hose from above but shush, like I said I took incorrect photos for the last post :P

Camshaft covers & breather cap assemblies, radiator hose and the cross-shaft assembly

The two camshaft covers, a key feature of the engine of the DB5, are slipped on top of either side of the cylinder head and fastened underneath by screws.  Several attempts later these screws finally stayed in place long enough for me to tighten them, as they're in quite an awkward place and I'm crap at anything remotely DIY-like, ie. screws and screwdrivers.  But given the cost of this car when the collection is complete, it's better to keep trying and get it right than have it fall apart later!

Starting to look like a real, solid engine top!
 Now to grab a piece from way up the post, the exhaust manifold, and add this and the cross-shaft assembly to the parts above to complete the upper parts of the engine!  Only the actual engine block to add to the bottom of this and I'm getting rather excited as its size is really building now!  But first the cross-shaft assembly attaches to the carburretor assembly, and the exhaust manifold clips underneath the other side of the cylinder head and will be held in place by the engine block.

Not far to go now for this month's parts

The last few stages for this month are rather more simple so you won't have to put up with much more yattering from me you'll be glad to hear.  The last couple of parts are the right side of the engine block and the oil filter assembly, which you can clearly see clipped together below, and which are then screwed onto the left engine block (with its starter motor) to complete the main engine.

Engine block front
Engine block rear

Okay, so finally(!) we get to assemble all the bits and pieces from above.  The engine block is attached and securely fastened to the cylinder head...

...and then all of this is bolted (figuratively speaking) to the completed engine transmission section from way up the top there.  So here we have it, this month's completed engine parts:

I think you'll agree that that's a really impressive piece of the model, really shows off the immense size this thing will be when finished!  It's solid (surprisingly, with me building it I mean!), great quality and has me really psyched to build more... this is only the beginning after all, there's another 74 issues of the collection to go, or in "blog speak" that's another 19 building updates (that's discounting my posts that only focus on what's been delivered, counting them it's 38!) over the next year and a half.

Well, it's now 01.30 and I'm up for work in about 6 hours so I'd better get off this for now.  Originally I was going to put the next posts up daily this week, but I'll leave it for a few days so everyone can get caught up first (and thanks to everyone who has commented or said to me in person that they're enjoying this, it's really appreciated folks).

So I'll be back in a few days with info on the engine bay and the next few issues.  See you then.


Bad Crumble said...

Hey man, looking great!

This thing is so detailed that I`m beginning to think that it`ll be easier to build a real car as the bolts are bigger lol.

Just don't worry about building it too solidly, its supposed to be a British Sports car!

NintendWho said...

Ooooooo.... I can hear the Texan in you there! lol.

It's incredibly detailed, I do think I'll know more about the inner workings of cars than most friends who drive!