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THE CAR #4: More Engine and the Engine Bay

Here we go, I'm about to start building the inside of the bonnet of the DB5, the engine bay itself which will house that monster I built a couple of posts ago.  Also, this time I can detail the parts which arrived with the magazines without repeating myself!

First up, the parts with Part Twelve also finish off my fan belt system for the engine.

The rear bulkhead and then (from left to right) the screen washer and top, torsional vibration damper, alternator fan, alternator pulley and the crankshaft pulley
Those last four parts are part of the aforementioned fan belt system.  To attach them I needed to take apart what had already been done, but that's okay because I knew a couple of months ago, when I assembled what I had, that the magazine recommended waiting.  I was just too impatient as per usual.

Okay, so the alternator fan slides firmly into place on the timing case which you should be familiar with if you've read previous installments and the alternator pulley, complete with ridges for the fan belt, glides on top of that.  The torsional vibration damper (hope I sound like I know what I'm talking about here lol!) slots into place on the timing case too and is finished off with the crankshaft pulley, which the belt will also slip around.

Taking shape
Finally, the parts from before are reconnected, this time the fan belt bringing all three together to finish the fan system off.  This part was rather tricky, as I kept ending up with two sides of that "triangle" of the rubber belt being very tight and the third being very loose and looking like a right mess flopping about.  With a lot of fiddling with a screwdriver I was able to tighten, loosen, tighten again, loosen again etc until the whole belt was fastened to a medium tightness all the way around.  Finished, it looks like it simply snapped into place but me believe it didn't!

The end result is great looking though, especially with that bright red metal fan.

A devil of a section to build to this finish
Finally for the engine (as far as I know anyway but future issues may prove me wrong) the completed fan system gets put into place on the front of the engine block from earlier in the week.  Just look at this!

A thing of beauty
I never thought I'd enjoy building the engine as much as I have!  With this in mind I'm ultra-excited about the body of the car, its interior and all those wonderful gadgets!  But for now, back to the engine, or rather the engine bay within which that brilliantly detailed engine will sit.

Here's the parts I'm about to start dealing with from issue 13:

Left and right bulkheads, right brake servo and header tank
Simple enough to begin with, the screen washer with top and the header tank both clip and then screw into position on the left side of the bulkhead.  I'll show you what this is like to do further down the post.

Assembly begins
After fixing on the right brake servo (which you'll also see further down... okay, I forgot to take a photo, so sue me!) it's on to the parts with issue 14:

At the back that's the airbox, in front of that from left to right there's the air cleaner and its cover, the alternator control, the left brake servo and two brake fluid reservoirs
The air cleaner cover is clipped to the airbox hose (not pictured above) and fastened with a screw, which in turn is then screwed together to the air cleaner itself. 

Once the air cleaner is finished it's time to fix it to the airbox and then to the right side of the bulkhead.

Air cleaner cover and airbox hose
Air cleaner in full
Completed air box system
Right bulkhead so far
As Mr Cooper would say from time-to-time, "Jus' like that".  With just a few bits the bulkhead is really coming together and looking like a solid piece of kit already.  Surprising how something as simple as this looks a lot more complex when it's attached to the main body of the car.

The next pieces are the alternator control, which fits on beside the header tank on the other bulkhead above, and then the I can show you how the brake servos look once fastened.

Alternator control in place (and you can just about see the left brake servo at the back)
Right brake servo in place
Finally for the parts above I just need to fasten the brake fluid reservoirs to the rear bulkhead and then I can move on.

Work started on the rear bulkhead
On to the home stretch now with the final selection of parts, and one in particular which won't be used until next month.  Can you guess which one doesn't fit under the hood with everything else?

Another tyre, ignition coil, starter solenoid and the blower trunking
This is where I can show you how these pieces both clip and screw into the bulkhead sections to ensure everything is completely secure.  Below is the ignition coil close up, showing the screw hole and the extremely tiny "pin" which clips into the base of the bulkhead before being tightened by screw.  Not only is it ultra secure but the pin keeps it in exactly the right place, at the right angle, while screwing it in tighter.

The underside of the ignition coil
You may need to click on this to enlarge it to see what I was talking about.  The small white bit under the screwdriver and to the left of the screw hole is the ignition coil's pin
If you scroll up and take a look at the picture of the brake fluid reservoirs on the rear bulkhead, you'll see a strange rectangle with a round pin in the middle, to the left of the reservoirs.  This is the specially shaped connector for the blower trunking, which simply slots over this and is held tight without the need for any screws.

Below then are the completed bulkheads:

I'm well chuffed with myself!  Also, note the ignition coil in place on the left bulkhead, in the middle of the picture
These now slide into place with each other and the other end of the blower trunking screws into place on the left bulkhead.

It's quite a tight fit slotting these bulkheads together and takes some time to get them in place fully - nice and tight with no wiggle room!  Apparently getting the tyre onto its wheel parts is going to be an even harder task so I'd better start getting myself warmed up as this last bit here below was bloody hard enough!

Another huge section of the car complete
And once again I've come to that part where it's time to say that that's it for this month.  I've really enjoyed assembling everything so far and the next issue apparently contains the first pieces for the front wheel section, starting with Part Sixteen's left calliper (no idea) and the left inner wheel rim.

But just before I head on for now here's a look at everything that's been assembled so far, 15 issues in.  See you all in a few weeks folks!

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