Sunday, 10 April 2011


Okay so I'm back and got a lot of updating to do, two sets of magazines and lots of building, just the way I like it.  Starting off with the first delivery, the next free gift is this rather class looking binder for the magazines which I promptly filled with all the issues to date, and the new issues too before I remembered I needed a photo.  Oh well, you'll just have to trust me they're in there!

They're in there.  Honest.
Just to show you by the way, here's an example of what the instructions look like inside the magazine.  They're well laid out and the website has a handy screw identification sheet and further instructions.  While the magazine has instructions for the parts that come with that edition, the website puts all of these in a different order according to which section of the actual car it is, so all bases are covered.

See?  Told you
The publishers have really thought of every angle and have made this really enjoyable and easy to follow.  And so on to the new parts...

Engine transmission section (in three bits), the starter motor and the clutch slave cylinder

Exhaust manifold, ignition lead holder & leads, distributor cap & leads and the carburettor assembly

Camshaft covers & breather cap assemblies, radiator hose and the cross-shaft assembly
Oil filter assembly and the right engine block

I swear by the time I finish this car I could go work for the AA!  But lots of building to do... and, well, it's already been done so I'll throw up a new post tomorrow night with all the details.  With more building to come later this very week it's going to be busy on the blog so make sure you keep up!

Speak to you tomorrow.

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