Saturday, 16 April 2011


Okay, before I show you the building of the engine bay, here's some info on the latest issues I received.  Well, I say "received", but really "had to walk an hour to get them from the Post Office Collection Point because the postman always seems to either wait until the very second I'm not here, or sometimes actually just doesn't bother knocking and just fires the piece of card through the door without seeing if I'm there first and I end up running after him to get my parcel".


It's worth the walk though

The magazines are moving on to Thunderball now, and to be honest I'm surprised there wasn't more about Goldfinger than the other movies, but it's still a great read.  A new regular feature is the entire, detailed history of Aston Martin.  If someone had told me in advance the magazine would be doing this I'll admit I wouldn't have been looking forward to that bit, but now that's it's started without any advance warning I just went ahead and started to read it... and you know, it's really interesting!  Some superb vintage photography too.

The parts for this month make up the engine bay which will, naturally, sit around that engine from the previous post.  Also, the final parts of the fan belt system means it can finally be completed and attached to the engine, so exciting times... for me anyway!

Oh, and another free gift!

Another top quality freebie

Yes, those are DB5-branded screwdrivers, class aren't they?  They come with protectors for their tips which I'm taking bets on now for how long it'll take for me to lose them.

Seriously though, these are much better quality than the ones I was using, which weren't great for making sure the screws were in very tight as they wore down the screws themselves once they started to tighten in the slightest.  I've used these for the engine bay and they're simply perfect for this model.

So I'm off to read the magazines and I'll leave you hanging just a little longer for the next post on building the car.

Hint:  Come back tomorrow.

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