Tuesday, 17 May 2011

THE CAR #5: Front Wheel Section

Hi again everyone.  Well, thanks to all those Bank Holidays it feels like an age since I've had stuff to build!  On the plus side though, shouldn't be too long until I'm making even more of the car after this little lot below.  This month, the start of the front wheel section of the car with the left wheel bits'n'bobs.  So, to start off, with issue #16 we received these couple of juicy morsels:

Left calliper and the inner wheel rim

There's absolutely nothing I can do with these two parts for now, not until I open up the next items.  This is why I'm glad I subscribe and get not only some brilliant free gifts, but also four issues at a time so there's always stuff to do!  Then again, the thought of getting a new issue every week instead of every four weeks also sounds sweet!

By the way, I've made the pictures bigger from this post onwards (once you click on the photos that is) so that you can, hopefully, see more of the lovely details this model has to offer.  Speaking of details, and how well these parts look in bigger photos, here's what came with issue #17:

On the left the wheel rim ring (bit of a mouthful that), and on the right the outer wheel rim.

Ok, so the first thing to do is take the inner wheel rim, line it up properly against the wheel rim ring and screw it into position.  The great thing here, as with several other pieces so far, is that these pieces will only screw together in one set way.  The holes line up in a very specific way all round these parts so there's no way you can screw it together incorrectly, meaning it'll be a great fit and remain completely solid.

Like so.

Then the combined inner wheel rim has the outer wheel rim clipped on.  The magazine states, "don't worry if this seems loose at this point".  I can tell you, there's no movement here at all, good quality build so far... wish I could take the credit for that!  Anyway, here's it complete so far:

Click on this and hopefully the larger photos will really start to show off the finish on these parts even more from now on.

Time to start work on the calliper, or "bit-behind-the-wheel-that-turns".  With issue #18 we've got this little lot to build for this:

From left to right:  The spinner, the tiniest little black washer, the front brake disc and two large Z-screws.

Another thing I like about this collection which I have to point out, is that no matter how many screws you get, or how many issues contain them, they always give you a spare.  Just in case it's being sold to people like me, you see.  The screw box has been great for keeping my screws sorted out and is full of little spares as I go along.  Nice touch.

The first thing in assembling these pieces is to insert the washer inside the calliper itself:

The hardest part of this was keeping everything in focus while taking the photo with my left hand to stay in the natural light!

With the washer in place one of those large Z-screws simply slides through into position.  Here's how it looks from both sides of the calliper so far:

Even though it'll be hidden in behind a wheel, the makers have still added details to the calliper.

On the left side picture above the brake disc will click into place in that hole the Z-screw is poking out of, while the side of the disc slots into that perfectly-sized curved gap just behind that silver piece of the calliper.  You want me to show you, don't you?  Oh, alright then...

Front and back again.

That's the calliper itself completed, and if that brake disc looks like it's a snug fit, wait until you see the tyre section below!  But first, a little feature which will be familiar to any fans of the DB5 or, indeed, Goldfinger!

Completed wheel rim, now with spinner.

Remember the scene in Goldfinger when the Aston Martin tore apart the Ford Mustang with the shredding device that slid out from the centre of the wheel?  Okay, so that's still to come with the model's rear wheels (where the DB5 spinner is the shredding device in disguise) but the spinner above is what will pop out of that wheel, so it's kinda cool to see something that reminds me instantly of the film.

Ok, so next we've got this to sort out; the finished pieces above have to fit into the tyre from issue #5:

Finger and hand muscles at the ready!!

I was pre-warned in one of last month's issues, "as [the tyre and wheel rim] needs to be a tight fit, this requires some effort".  They weren't kidding!  To begin with I was worried about ruining or marking the tyre as I had to force the wheel rim inside, but then I soon realised that it's been made in such a way that this wasn't going to happen.  So after a minute or so of trying to fit the whole thing inside in one go it looked like this:


But once I got part of it in, it was simply a matter of working my way round the tyre and pushing the wheel rim into position.  This involved a lot of hard work again, and once inside the tyre, I had to work around the whole thing again and force the edges of the wheel rim right behind the edges of the inner parts of the tyre.  Once done this was the end result:

Three more of these beasts to go!

Finally for this month's building (sadly) the calliper and brake disc system is all connected to the rear of the wheel itself and - I was very happy this worked - it spun round smoothly and easily.  You can see them inside the wheel itself in the picture above.  Nice detail I have to say.

Holding it, it's like a monster truck tyre!  Can't wait to build more of this huge car!

And just before I save this post here's the parts that came with issue #19, and no this isn't the same photo as above, it's just that this issue came with the right calliper and inner wheel rim as the collection builds up towards putting together the other front wheel.  So no more building as yet, but waiting (im)patiently for continuing next month.

Issue #19's parts.

So there you have it folks.  And just like last month, here's a picture of what's been built so far, this time taken to show you where I've currently got them on display at the front of my living room, taking pride of place on my DVD shelves:

Bond's seat and the pieces from this month, the completed engine and down beside K.I.T.T you can see the engine bay too.

Just to finish off, I'm going to add a little feature to the blog over the next week before the next issues arrive, so keep an eye out as I'm looking forward to adding this additional little counter.  Should be interesting.  Well, for me anyway!


terrygill55 said...

Much easier to soak tyre in hot water,were upon it will slip on the rim with little or no effort!!trophia

NintendWho said...

Nice idea, but I'd be worried about having water, even just moisture, trapped inside the tyre. Wouldn't want it damaging anything.

terrygill55 said...

I would assume that you would dry the tyre thoroughly,once warm the heat has already softened the rubber.

NintendWho said...

Ah right ok. Sorry that was me being a bit slow after a hard day at work lol! I (incorrectly) assumed the reason for the water was so that it'd slip over the wheel rim while wet, didn't catch on that it was just to soften the tyre with warm water.