Sunday, 8 May 2011


So finally, after what seems like an age thanks to all those pesky Bank Holidays, the next four issues have eventually arrived along with the next load of car parts.  Looking at the picture below I have to say this is the smallest package that's arrived so far, but that's part of the nature of this collection in that there's such a variety of monthly sections to build.

Small gifts doesn't mean there's not much to do!
(See?  I kept away from the "small packages" jokes... awk damn it!)

This month I'll be starting on the front wheel section, so finally get to do something with those two huge tyres I've already got.  Just like the engine which you've seen being built, I have no idea whatsoever what constructing the wheel section will entail.  But looking back at the engine I'm really looking forward to discovering what makes up the next few issues.

And would you look at what my free gift is!

Starring the DB5... and some guy called Sean.

Quite a few years ago I sold my whole collection of the first set of DVD releases (which in turn had replaced my VHS collection!) with the intention of buying the newest series with all the extra bits'n'bobs enclosed.  Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for re-collecting these everytime they're released!  But anyway, after a few I never got around to getting the rest of them, including Goldfinger, but I'm actually really glad I never did as now I can watch it for the first time in about 5 years as I build my very own version of the star of the film!

So, I should be back next weekend when I've got a full day off from work to open the packages above, see what all I've got to show you and then build it all up.  Until then, have a good week everybody!


BadCrumble said...

Static Caliper shot - take 17 - action!

You know I still hadn't an appreciation of the scale until I seen the engine block on the bookcase - you should get a second one of these and put an RC car engine in it!

NintendWho said...

It's huge man! I think it states it's going to weigh 6.5kg when it's done!