Saturday, 11 June 2011


This should've been written up about 10 days ago, but as you'll see below the Royal Mail are yet again doing everything they can to muck up my post, but we'll get to that in a second.

First, here's what arrived:

Latest magazines, parts and an additional challenge.

So the latest issues finish off the articles about one of my very favourite out of all the Bond movies, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and move on to one of my very least, Diamonds Are Forever.  Plenty more about the racing heritage of the Aston Martin cars and some brilliant pieces on director Peter Hunt and 007 himself George Lazenby.

No free gifts anymore unfortunately, as I now have them all, with only the paid-for binders to arrive outside of the main collection at regular intervals.  The parts received this month will finish off the other front wheel, all ready for the actual front wheel section to start from next month.  The parts still in their packaging above are the steering wheel with its shaft, and the parts to assemble the steering column, complete with indicator lever.


Q won't be happy!

Yes, okay, so maybe packaging everything in bags instead of the plastic casings I got at the beginning of the collection isn't a great idea when you've got awkwardly shaped parts such as this, but this shouldn't have happened anyway!  It's very clear that these parcels won't fit through the letterbox, but what does that "wonderful" postman of mine do?  He forces it through and the wheel snapped off its steering shaft!

Thankfully all it took was one email to GE Fabbri, the publishers, and they've now informed me they're going to send me out a replacement in different packaging.  I was going to wait until I got the replacement before putting up this post, hence the delay, but with Octopussy on TV this afternoon I was in the mood to build the other wheel and update you all on what's been happening.  So once the replacement steering wheel part arrives, and the postman doesn't break it again, I'll be back to show you it in more detail.

Until then.


BadCrumble said...

...with the wire, does that mean that the indicator lever actually flashes the indicators?

Class. As for the Royal Mail - they just told me my house number is changing form 53 to 24. How does that happen!? lol

NintendWho said...

Eh? Um.... ok, I have no idea how that happens lol! You back over here then?

The wire, I think, is for the horn. The middle of the wheel is an actual button and clicks. Although I do know other electronics are going to be added, including lights, I deliberately didn't read all the specifications that came with issue 1 as I'd like all these extra features to be a surprise as they arrive, so stay tuned lol!

BadCrumble said...

If I was over there - I`d be over for a go on the 3DO on day two! lol We still own our house over there - wrong time to consider selling!

Horn - class! I`m tuned for the surprises.

NintendWho said...

It might be the wrong time to sell for quite a while over here with the ConDems in power :S