Thursday, 15 September 2011


Told you I'd get this thing picked up again soon.  I'm well ahead in building and just have to play catch up here, but the model itself is looking absolutely awesome!  But I won't ruin the surprise, just come back in a few days to see this stuff below built up first:

Still on the red sofa - this photo is OLD now!

So what's in the plastic bags... the brilliant dashboard with all of its knobs and sticks.  Something for the ladies there, but to get back on track they basically contain the model's version of those parts of the real car you can see on the covers above.

Inside the magazines, if I'm completely honest, the only parts I'm looking at in any depth these days are the instructions (and the features on the Bond girls, naturally) as I'm saving the magazines until the very end, when they'll combine to make a huge 1000+ page book.  Who says this whole set isn't worth all that money?

But, for the sake of those interested in such things and who'd like to know what they're covering (aside from the Bond girls), there's loads on Live & Let Die and there's also profiles of Paul McCartney (yes, him), actor David (Felix Leiter) Hedison, special effects make-up bod Rick Baker of An American Werewolf in London and The Grinch fame, and Roger Moore himself.  They're also still going through the history of Aston Martin in so much depth (currently on their racing days) it kinda makes you wonder why one of the free gifts was a book on the history of Aston Martin...!

So on to the dashboard and lots of building to show you.  Back soon.

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