Saturday, 3 September 2011

THE CAR #6: Steering Towards Completion

Ok, so You Only Live Twice is on TV and I'm sat here finally back to the blog.  Normally it really bugs me when people sit on their laptop or whatever instead of paying full attention to the movie or show they're meant to be watching, as they'll inevitably say it wasn't good or they didn't understand it.  Their own fault.  But I've seen all the Bond films enough times each now that this can be the exception lol.

Ok, so three steering wheels later the Royal Mail finally got the hint that you don't shove something through a letterbox if it's going to meet with resistance!  GE Fabbri were very understanding - going by their Facebook page I wasn't the only one ragin' with our "wonderful" postal service - and eventually I got my wheel delivered in a cardboard box that not even my postman could squeeze through my door.

What it should've looked like in the first delivery.

Firstly, there's still a good few pics from the old house's red sofa, just in case you're wondering (probably not) and above is the fantastic DB5 steering wheel piece, complete in its "I'm not really a pretzel, honest" finish.  So now, finally, to show you how this pieces together with the steering column bits from parts twenty to twenty three.

First thing is to fit the indicator lever into the steering column:

Tricky bugger.

What a pain in the arse this was, trying to hold that in place in the top half of the steering column - it doesn't clip in - while also placing the steering wheel shaft in it, then clipping in the other half of the column before screwing it all together... while trying to make sure that bloody indicator lever doesn't fall out!  Nightmare!

But first it was best to get the leads sorted out for the horn, which were fed through the bottom half of the column like this:

Front view.
Rear view.

That was another tricky part of this section of the build, keeping those wires inside when screwing it all together.  But the finished product speaks for itself, and was well worth all the effort:

Finally ready to roll... kinda.  Just need a car to steer.

So now it's time to move on to the next parcel of goods, parts Twenty Four to Twenty Seven which includes the, frankly awesome, dashboard.  The next few blog entries are all ready to go, but as usual when I'm playing catch up, I'll leave it a few days before posting up so everyone's up to date.

If anyone's still reading.


Steven Flanagan said...

I'm reading. :) Good to see you back blogging Phil. I saw that JB was on TV today, but I missed it as I had to do some screwdriver work on the laptop.

Did you get the news that I successfully extracted the 4DCK datafile for your C64 Time Crystal game? I even ported TTC to the Spectrum.

BadCrumble said...

I`m still here too - despite the pun in the title of this post lol.

Sounds like you'll be the UK's first case of 'going Postal'!

Phil Boyce said...

Hmm... going back over old posts and I thought I'd replied to you guys - obviously not!

Hi Steven. That's amazing work on the Spectrum, it's great to see an old game I made all those years ago (which Colin - Badcrumble - will no doubt remember too!) being played online today, and being ported to the Spectrum lol! Who'd have thought it! Not sure about the C64 though, it's been collecting dust for most of the year now unfortunately, but we'll see...

Col, I could indeed! Thankfully now that I've moved house I've a different postman. Time will tell if my luck has followed me though.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Phil. Your indicator arm is inserted the wrong way around & that's why it does not fit like it should. The round silver side should go into the steering covers. Hope my info will help. Thanks 4 all the nice pics on the web. Enjoy building the DB5