Thursday, 13 October 2011


"That time of the month" means something much better for me.

Here we are then, making our way into the 30s (ahh I remember the days I was making my way into my 30s... not that bar doormen will ever believe me)  and we mark this with a couple of gadgets for the car, and actually very little in the way of building this month.

Included this month are the parts for the speaker which sits inside the dashboard to make goodness knows what sound effects when the car is complete, and the monitor gadget which was hidden behind the speaker cover of the DB5.  Those are all that'll need building, but also in those little bags up top are the car's pedals (complete with their own electronic wires) and the first few pieces for the rest of the interior - the handbrake, effect team's stunt control box (I'll explain when showing you the build), the gear lever retainer and the gear lever.  For those wanting to know how authentic the gear lever is to the "special" one used in the film, you won't be disappointed!

In the magazines this time the history of Aston Martin continues and finally moves on to the beginning of their commercial releases after covering their early racing years.  As for Bond, it's on to The Man With The Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me and interview pieces with Britt Ekland, Christopher Lee, Herve Villechaize, Maud Adams and the simply amazing Barbara Bach (no favourtism there, nope, not at all) who played Agent XXX (seriously lol!) in The Spy Who Loved Me.

There's also a look at the amazing Thai location of Phuket (careful how you pronounce that please, this is a family blog) used in Golden Gun, the special effects team's car/plane hybrid and the creation of the Golden Gun itself.  Let's also not forget a making-of feature for THAT stunt from the same film!

Interestingly there's a feature about the inspirations behind some of the elements which made up Ian Fleming's original Bond novels, as well as one about Cubby Broccoli, the legend behind the films.

Profiles this month cover the creator of so many starting credits sequences Maurice Binder, actor Clifton James (famous as the sheriff in Live & Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun, as well as "Duck son or you be missin' a head" from the Cannonball Run movies haha!), special effects supremo John Stears and songwriter Marvin Hamlisch, who wrote 'Nobody Does It Better' for The Spy Who Loved Me.

Right, I'm off again and what can be built out of this little lot will go up in a day or two.  See you then.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Phil. How u doing. Did u build anything new so far on ur DB5. Did u get my message on the blog saying that ur indicator arm is inserted the wrong way around & that the round silver side should go into the steering covers 2 fit like it is suppose 2 fit. Let me know if u have corrected it my friend. Till next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil when u gonna update new stuff of ur DB5.