Friday, 21 September 2012


In Tomorrow Never Dies Bond meets an old girlfriend from years previously who slaps him as soon as she sees him.  He asks her if it was something he said, to which she replies, "How about the words 'I'll be right back'?"

Kind of sums things up doesn't it?  Nearly a year ago I said I'd be back in a few days and here I am a few days plus a few hundred more later and nothing much has changed, has it?  Hmm... well ok, yeah a lot has but as far as the blog goes I fully intend to pick up from where I left off.

Sort of.

When I stopped the blog last year I'd already built a little bit more of the car, such as the two front doors and some of the internals.  I'd taken all the photos to show you all what I'd done, and then in my infinite wisdom sometime over the past 11 months I've deleted them from my SD cards.  So when the blog starts again proper I'll be carrying on the way it has been since the beginning but I'll not be able to show me actually building these few bits.

What I'll do instead is show you a lot of good close ups of various angles to let you see what exactly has been done.  So it'll be near enough!  And there's only a few bits before we get back to normal.

Below is a photo of all the bits yet to build!  Under the TV is the car so far, but as you can see there's a huge amount still to do, over half of the collection to work through, so looking forward to finally getting back to it again after so long!  If I now say to come back in a few days you will believe me... won't you??

All set and ready for action.

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