Monday, 15 October 2012


"Oh grow up 007!"

Way back on 3 September last year I put together the steering wheel section of the car, which included waiting several weeks for an unbroken steering wheel to arrive, then once it did placing the indicator switch inside the steering column segment and attaching to the steering wheel shaft.

Yeah, really does look so wrong now.

At the time a kind anonymous reader pointed out to me the indicator switch was on the wrong way round.  Stubbornly I assumed they were wrong, I knew I'd followed the instructions to the letter and it looked right to me.

Well, I was wrong.  Oh so wrong.  As you know I've got all the remaining issues and parts just waiting to be worked through and at the end of the collection there's a special issue which is just instructions - all of them.  On returning to the blog I flicked through it to see if I'd been right or not and low-and-behold there's the lever in the steering column, and it's the other way around.

So thanks to you, Anonymous, I should've listened at the time.

I was dreading this.  Remember the hassle of putting the shaft into the dashboard section?  That really, really tiny bloody screw that went up inside the section and took an age for me to put together?  Argh!!  Well, thankfully I was able to loosen the screws in the steering column halves and slide the switch out, flip it round and squeeze it back in.  A quick tighten up and it all feels like it's holding together a lot better as well as looking, well, correct!

No longer looks like a lollipop.

So off we go, back to building and brand new stuff just round the corner.

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